So many photos, so little time. Who can, who will indulge the photographer, who, does not find editing the natural order of things. From time to time, I WILL over-saturate my website with the photos that I am holding near and dear to me, to tell a story and to share the beauty that still exists everywhere, every day. Our times are a changin' and for most of my friends, family and colleagues, that is worrisome and our concern for so much is hanging in the balance of our lives. So meanwhile, I will continue to use my tool, my instrument so that I can face the day bravely, not knowing what lies in the path ahead. Thank you for taking the time to view my world...

Dear viewers, this is really NOT a blog! I'm not going to presume anyone has the time to read or view my photos daily or even weekly. So I shall sum up my photo essays in one giant montage. Enjoy some selections, recent and long ago...

Free Hong Kong, 5 Demands, Not One Less

"Nino's, Familia, Amigos y Amantes de Mexico",   January 12th-21st, 2016

Alas, I have culled through over 5000 photos shot in two weeks time in Mexico, the country I wanted to visit and record for oh so long. Here are the first of two montages that I have composed of some of the people I met along the way. There is one story in particular that should be told at this time in current affairs. But instead of divulging too much, I dedicate the "Nino's of Mexico" to my little Paso Nieta, whose second birthday is today, 2-18-16. I met the dear girl before her own Abuelo has. This is the story of modern Mexico with mucho mas to soon come!


"Road Trip 2015-People, Places, Things..."    February, 17, 2015-March, 3, 2015

3 thousand 7 hundred plus miles round trip burning rubber to the road. I challenged my stamina, eyes, shoulders and mental durability beyond what I've done heretofore, driving a rental car 8 hour stretches for 2 solid weeks with a few stops in between. The goal and celebration, a mother's (mine) special birthday. Flying might be quick but there is so much to read between the lines. Such as---America's landscape is littered with fast food restaurants and one hotel chain too many.  And much to my surprise and delight, I discovered, during this period of commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Selma march, that  most towns and cities we traveled to and through, had an MLK or Martin Luther King Drive, Road, Street or Boulevard. How great is that?!


A long drive from 5-14 degree days to some of the same and a bit upwards, a south that should have been warmer but had other plans, is just what my spirit needed. Friends not seen for too many years, family that I don't see often enough, as well as cities revisited or never laid eyes on.  Harrison, Adam, 2 Toms, Louis, Diane, Helen (Tzvia), Ibby, Hugh, Grace, Carolyn, Hanifa, Yvonamor, Gene, Lena, Olivia and Mom. Durham, Charlotte, Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans, Lafayette, Jackson, Chattanooga, Lexington, Shippensburg and too many gas stations in too many towns. Point being, this photographer can do more than point and shoot, she can drive and point and shoot and is always eager and ready. Projects and assignments are welcome or as they say, have camera, will travel!!!


For the diehard fans of roadtrip photos and/or friends, family or other innocent victims that might have come before my camera, feel free to click on this link for more photos and to view the images, included in the montage, a bit larger!


2015 Road Trip Photo Essay

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    Willard Jenkins (Tuesday, 10 March 2015 12:38)

    "2 Toms"!!! Where exactly is that? Ever notice where the ubiquitous MLK boulevards, streets, avenues, ways, etc. are always located?

"The Long Goodbye", Celebrating the Life & Times of Butch Morris, St. Peter's Church, NYC 2-9-15

Featuring Brandon Ross, Graham Haynes, Stephanie Richards and the NUBLU Orchestra conducted by Kenny Wollesen

Butch Morris left his mark, in such indelible ink that two years and nine days later, the community of musicians, still gather together on yet another cold winter's night to celebrate his special brand of music history, his so-called "Conductions", and to commemorate what would have been his 68th birthday. Some of the dearest of the musical brothers and sisters of Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris, showed up with their instruments and others with their ears, along with the most devoted of his fans and friends and family, including son Al Digs, who is earnestly and honestly carrying forth his father's legacy, this concert being just one of those endeavors. According to Al, a new album of Butch's compositions is in the works,  something that will further enrich the musical archives of the 21st century. I might not have been in Butch's "inner circle" of friends, and there were probably many, however, after one very special photo portrait session with him, in my earliest years of my tenure in New York City, there was never a time that Butch did not acknowledge me and greet me with kindness and enthusiasm and that I did not feel like he was happy to see me which made me feel special and respected. I did not and do not feel that from every member of the jazz world and I have and will say that often. So for this and so much more, thank you Butch for showing up on this earth and making it a better, kinder, happier place!

Please follow this link to find out more about the life and times of Butch Morris...

You may see more photos from "The Long Goodbye" concert here:

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    Dale Hardman (Friday, 13 February 2015 01:02)

    I knew Butch for many years. We would hang at 55 Bar sometimes with Cecil talking bout quantum physics, complexity theory, music, art and sharing good cigars. I still have the music box works butch had made and need to get fixed. He was a fine person in all aspects. Thank you Enid who I've known from Atlanta days when we were both rookies with encounters with witches. ;)

The Visit, 9/11 Memorial Museum, January, 20, 2015

This week, following last, snowmaggedon has been the topic du jour, on our frostbitten minds, some would say we dodged a bullet, the big one, the final chapter of sorts. It was all hyperbole after all but then some also said, "better safe than sorry". I had a few music shoots, some assigned and paid for, some elective for posterity. But one night and a bike ride to lower Manhattan, I visited the 9/11 Museum at a place, still referred to as Ground Zero, a time when disaster did not come with a warning, and where the emergency response demanded all of our inner and outer resources, from local and federal governments and communities affected directly and not. Since the timing of my visit to the museum was merely one week earlier than this blizzard 2015, I choose to share these images I shot within and outside the museum, showing just a bit of what awaits those who want to revisit this history and those who just need to learn about it. 

It is a personal decision, guided for some by politics, others curiosity and most humanity, whether to visit the museum and/or the memorial grounds. Living in NYC affords one the opportunity to go once or as many times as necessary to take it all in and there is so much that it requires more time than the 2  1/2 hours I devoted. For you good people who live here, especially those that lived here then, please know that on Tuesday nights you can go for free from 5:30 pm- 8:00 (closing time) but you must sign up online in advance to book the limited tickets. I was able to secure two within 3 weeks of my search. I've heard many say they could not visit for fear of the strong feelings it might evoke but I think that you will find it to be a great museum like any that offers artifacts and history. Yet be prepared for all kind of feelings to emerge, from sorrow, anger, fear, uncertainty, nostalgia, etc. Here is the link to get tickets and learn more.

Stay safe, warm and hopeful...



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    Tom White (Wednesday, 28 January 2015 13:16)

    Thanks so much Enid, for sending this 9/11 Museum collage. You did an excellent job with it.

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    Kevin Mark (Wednesday, 28 January 2015 11:20)

    loved the "No olividar paz en el mundo".

A Great Week in Jazz, The Music and Musicians of Winter Jazz Fest & APAP 2015

It's cliche without apology, but call it an embarrassment of musical riches and you will have described daily life in New York City, still, without fail, the one and only city that offers such a roster of stellar talent, a big gulp that should never be banned, regulated or censored! I never manage to even skim the surface of offerings in one night, let alone one week but the week after everyone should be resting and recovering from the previous month's holiday festivities, the New York jazz world is blazing out of control and even if New York's firefighters knew which direction to turn (all four corners), they wouldn't be able to extinguish the heat! I have been one of the privileged witnesses and documentarians of these offerings over the last 15 plus years and this year truly delivered. My weekly montage (a week late due to the overwhelming load of work and subsequent post-production) features some of my favorite images and a melting pot of musical styles. I discovered some great new talents and rediscovered and was mesmerized by some I've known for many, many years. Included here are: (top row)-Brandon Ross &  J.T. Lewis, E.J. Decker & J.D. Lewis (no it was not intentional to line up all these initialed musicians!), (2nd row)- Eric Lewis a.k.a. ELEW, Les Kurtz, Lisa Hilton & Camille Thurman, 3rd row (Henry Butler, Bria Skonberg, Andrea Tierra & hubby Edmar Castaneda, (bottom row)-Geri Allen, unknown violinist & finally THE  man, David Murray

I certainly urge and recommend you spend a moment to get to know some of these musical talents and to also discover and rediscover your very own. As well, you can learn about Winter JazzFest at their website: (

Thank you for looking and listening, as always...



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    Shannon Wallace (Monday, 19 January 2015 10:04)

    Enid -

    It was wonderful to see you again and these pictures definitely capture the true essence of what the Winter Jazz Fest and APAP showcased this year. Your work wonderfully compliments that of the music these beautiful artists have to offer. Thank you for sharing! Be well and stay warm!

 "Beloved Bobby Jackson", August 13th,1956-December 7th, 2013  

There are many ways I could sum up the past year in photos, with only my photos, many shot because my passion demands that I do so, whether for monetary means or not. However, before the first full week back to business as usual begins in this New Year of 2015, I want to recall and remember and rejoice over one life that ended too soon, at the end of 2013 that many of his friends and colleagues wished to commemorate at the beginning of 2014, but that was not to be. This year, on Friday the 9th, 2015, that WILL be. Bobby Jackson was there at the beginning of my own life span as a documentarian/photographer of this great music tradition, so far named JAZZ, that we both shared passionately, that no matter what sacrifices it meant personally and financially, we endured and continued to promote in our parallel universes. Bobby and I began that journey in Atlanta, Georgia. When I left to make my place in the center of the JAZZ universe, New York City, in 1985, Bobby was still in Atlanta carrying the torch until he transferred his own journey to Cleveland, Ohio. We lost touch briefly, but his birthplace of NYC brought us back together during annual JAZZ conferences and we never lost touch again, until his untimely demise. No one, nowhere, expressed and held higher regard for my art, my struggle, my contributions to the music, than Bobby. He helped me hold my head high when I was sure I had wasted my life in pursuit of artistic fulfillment and not financial security. He interviewed me for his celebrated radio program and he lent me his shoulder when maybe he is the one who needed one.


This montage is full of photos that I did not capture, except for the one in the middle, of Bobby when he was working in television in Atlanta, back in the day.  However, I wanted to share his beautiful life with those who knew him and those who did not, to thread together some key moments in pictures by creating one out of many.  

With love always, Enid


To visit the website Bobby was developing and wanted to prosper, please click here: The Jazz Mind

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    Jo Gelbard (Monday, 05 January 2015 18:27)

    hi could you please send me details on your gathering for bobby Thanks. Jo

Jazz Foundation of America's 2014 Xmas Party, Featuring a Collection of Colorful, Charismatic and Creative Souls, Local 802, NYC 12-22-14

There is no greater gift that I can give this season of giving, then to share the spirit of the Jazz Foundation of America's annual Xmas gathering of precious musicians, supporters staff and friends. This "Collection, of Colorful, Charismatic and Creative Souls",  is a sampling of some of the beloved ones that this foundation has supported and continues to support with ever more grit and determination, each and every year. I have assembled, in a collage/montage, a few of the images that I am finding delightful, even if the weather outside is frightful! There are so many to list, but one that I cannot resist naming is the man in the middle and on the bottom row with the sax, the almost 100 year old Fred Staton, need I say more. 100 and still blowing and going strong. On this Xmas, and about to be brand new year, it is this man's indomitable spirit that should remind us of the truest gift of all, life, and the hope that for one and for all, a long and abundant life it shall be. 

With love always, Enid

To see a slide show of images from this very special evening click here for recent work:

To learn more about how you can ensure the music lives on and the creators are taken care of, visit:

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    Lauren Roberts (Tuesday, 20 January 2015 12:22)

    Enid - you have captured so many lovely and amazing musical memories here. Bravo, Enid!

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    Shannon Wallace (Monday, 29 December 2014 14:16)

    Enid, Keep up the great work on your blog and website both! What a joy to read your entries! All my best and see you at JazzConnect 2014 next week!

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    Steven Page (Thursday, 25 December 2014 16:08)

    Enid, your montage and photos just knock me out. You just continue to excel. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season. Steven

"Marcus' Many Moods", WBGO & Blue Note Records 75th Birthday Anniversary Presents, "Our Point of View", Le Poisson Rouge, NYC 12-12-14  

Here Enid presents, her first photo montage in many years, (previously known as "Weekly Foto Montage"), in her first blog posting ever. "Marcus' Many Moods", many years later and yet only one evening recently, when the stars aligned at Le Poisson Rouge, and at the last minute, it was time to test my newly repaired performance lens, brave the extreme chill and hold on tightly to the reason she/I came to New York City, NY in the first place. This posting, this first time creating a montage, at the near end of the year 2014, is a symbol and commitment of my early and perhaps only New Year's resolution (a habit that usually eludes me), that once again, come rain or shine, her/my images, will not be made in vain and that whether self-assigned or commissioned and compensated, I/we will share my images beyond my/our personal archives. So dear people who have implored me, to never give up the dream, the desire and the discipline to keep creating, I share the first of those on my almost new website,, and welcome you to enjoy the journey with me. Comments and feedback are more than welcome and most appreciated as this gift of life is for sharing!


With love always, Enid


To see a slide show of images from this very special event click here for recent work:

To read more about this visit WBGO's webpage:

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    Gene Torres (Thursday, 18 December 2014)

    Hey Enid,
    those are some great pic's of Marcus and his band!! Congratulations on your updated Website and thanks for sharing the pic's.
    Looking forward to the seeing the next Montage,
    Happy Holidays to you and yours

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    Mark McKinley (Thursday, 18 December 2014 06:04)

    Excellent montage, Enid! Nice web site - it showcases your talents well. Tasteful. Eloquent. Professional.

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    felix telles (Friday, 19 December 2014 23:02)

    My wife is the best!