"Out of Many, One" / Custom Photo Montages


Express your event with many photos on one beautifully crafted page. Our photo montages are one of a kind and are worth much more than a thousand words! Here are some examples created from several photo shoots where often the intended publication only had room for one photo so we designed these montages to share more images on one singular page. There are also examples of the weekly photo mailings and accompanying messages that Farber was lauded for as she shared her montages online. 

Montages With Accompanying Messages and Dates Originally Mailed

Photos of the Week-"Jazz Heros"/ Jazz Foundation Fundraiser 4/10/05...


 5 hours, 4 lofts, one building, many musicians, lovers of the music, patrons of the arts, supporters of the cause, all for jazz, dues paid, music played.  The 14th annual Jazz Foundation's Loft party took place at 1200 Broadway, the Empire State Building looming over the proceedings, the sun warming the rooftop to 70 degrees, the musicians burning down the lofts.  Magic is made in New York City more than this once a year, every night actually, but this one produces more posterity in a single night than most places can muster in a whole year.  For that and the love that is in abundance I am grateful to be here after almost 20 years and to be a part of this family of Jazz.

Weekly Fotos Mailing-Battle of the Bands Part 3-4-17-05


The tradition continues in many more ways than one atDizzy's Club.  JALC (i.e. Jazz at Lincoln Center at the Time Warner Building) featured Part 3 of the "Battle of the Bands" this past Saturday, April 17th.  This time a woman appeared, flute in hands.  She was one of 6 musicians,  playing to a captive audience. Perhaps they were so captivated that they were drifting off into a semi-trance as reflected in some of these photos amongst the many that make this one intricate photo composite.  I hope you'll take the time to explore the look of jazz on the faces of those who play it and those who hear it.  Many happy warm days ahead...



Reggae, Rasta, The Wailers, Rockefeller Park, New York City, Music, Festival Hands in the air,
Put Your Hands in the Air, Show Rastamon You Care", The Wailers, Rockfeller Park, NYC 2005

Weekly Photo Montage-The Wailers  (7-18-05)

 It's 96 degrees in the shade...

So said "Third World" the classic Reggae band from my day of addiction to the music.  This past week I revisited the music of Marley, presented by The Wailers of present.  It might not have been the real deal to the ears of those who have spent thousands of hours of listening the the King of Reggae but the crowd felt the connection to the dearly departed BobExpressing and emoting with hands high up in the air, the people in the park, Rockefeller Park to be exact, on the waterfront, the Hudson River to be precise, were treated to those sounds of the islands that fill their sentimental hearts on a summer's eve. Stay comfortable during these dog days, they too shall pass...


Women, Cleavage, Lila Downs, Dancers, Costumes, Ethnic, Exotic
APAP Love's Women, Hilton Hotel, NYC 2005

Photos of the Week from APAP  1-12-05

APAP is, a conference for artists presenters and artist performers, a visual feast and an utterly delightful place filled with music, dance and theatrical showcases from around the world.  Colors, costumes, instruments, faces, energy and excitement, nerves, anticipation, desire, hope, dreams, ambition all contained in and out of a hotel, around the city, in various venues for 4 days and counting, nonstop shooting for 13 hours straight per day, back and shoulders suffering, but worth every second and ounce of effort to make as many of these performances as humanly possible.  Please enjoy a few of the images that reflect the fun,  elegance, energy, passion and diversity of APAP 2005.


African-American woman, Elderly, Singer, Dancer, Apollo Theater, Harlem, Othella Dallas
Resilient Spirit, Othella Dallas, Harlem, NYC 2005

Weekly Foto Montage--OTHELLA DALLAS-80, singing, dancing resilient spirit!-5-22-05

Thanks to David Gonzalez (pictured upper left), master of ceremonies, musician, singer, poet, producer, man of many minds and ideas, I was hired to photograph this woman of 80 years, this precious gem.  Othella Dallas from Switzerland in New York, preparing for a new recording, call it never too late, or another gift to the world of music, for me it was a great and timely photo op.  One week, one camera, a few locations, some rice and beans, and many hours at the computer generated this photo composite of the energetic and special, wild and wooly Othella Dallas. Happy birthday Othella!

Family, Grandmother, Grandchildren, Charlotte, NC
Mom's 75th, Charlotte, NC 2005

Photo Montage of the Weeks...Mom's 75th...Feb., 2005


La Familia home town style.  I was born there,  I return there infrequently, some would say not enough,  but with life choices, limits on time, I am not always able to do what I should or want.  Charlotte, North Carolina how it's changed and flourished.  I ran away once upon a time,  as far as the imagination could see.  That year was 1974 and 30 years later one's recollection is sketchy but never goes away.  The house I grew up in, still remains intact, the people I spent time with,  most are living proof that I was there,  as they still are.  It's strange and sometimes sad to go back in time but it's comforting to know that I do have roots,  I did begin my journey from a place with a gentle soul.  This was the time of my mother's 75th birthday I was her surprise,  she came from Houston, her home of many years, me, from mine, New York.  We gathered,  we celebrated, we acted like a family.   Enjoy the glimpse at who we are in this montage.

Passover, Seder, Matzoh
Mi Amor's First Passover, Canarsie, Brooklyn, NY 2005





Weekly Fotos-"Mi Amor's First Seder"/ Canarsie/ Brooklyn, NY-2-24-05


For 3 years and 40 nights or so, I have learned much if not all about my partner's culture.  Sometimes I have forgotten about my own.  So for one night and one holiday, I finally shared a tiny fraction of what I inherited from my own ancestors.  Passover 2005, in Canarsie, in the borough of Brooklyn in the city and state of New York.  My Mexican spouse was not the only one who had no clue.  Another M.O.T. and his Italian woman were somewhat more familiar with the tradition but not altogether informed.  It's endearing and tender to watch your loved one eat the foods, and listen to and recite the words and prayers of your lineage with an open mind and willing spirit.  May you find your own Elijah's waiting to be let in. 

Happy Passover, spring and week ahead...

Women, Cleavage, Freaks, Costumes, Mermaid Parade, Crazy Hair, Mohawks, Pink, Hair Curlers, Hats
"Don't Shoot Freak", Mermaid Parade Day, Coney Island, 2008

 mermaids, jazzheads, and the skies above... 6-24-08


the montage is back! no promises for how many, for how long but for this past week, there was no resisting composing and compiling the myriad and sundry photos that connected the dots of my existence. hats, hair, no hair, balls, bald heads, golden girls, jazz legends, journalists, bridges, skies, sunshine, clouds and more filled my eyes, camera and launched another new york city summer's colorful possibilities.