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Coney Island, July 2024

A Chance Photo Expedition, Clifton, NJ 2/20/24

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    Russ Carey (Wednesday, 21 February 2024 15:12)

    I grew up in Clifton 1955-80, about a mile away from the water tower and was of the Manhattan Rubber Co. Looks like its a cell phone tower now. If I am right, some of the old brick buildings, with the iron fire escapes and dates on the bldgs. are part of the complex. Last I was there, it was a shopping center. My grandfather was a Mechanical Engineer there. He was a grad of the Class of 1921 of Pratt Institute and his sister, my g. aunt was a secretary to the president of the company. I have some of his drafting tools. In the 70's we use to bar hop up and down Van Houten Ave. all the old man bars that served the employees of the factories in the area, back in the 20's-60's? Real neat interiors. We were trying to escape the disco scene.

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