Day of The Great Eclipse (4-8-24)

This day in the Americas so highly touted and anticipated, shared and experienced by so many, gleefully and joyfully, from sea to shining sea, in my case, at a mountain, and only planned at T minus 3 days and counting. 45 miles north of my current home, there was an event that I discovered and felt would be the perfect plan. These photos begin in my building parking lot in Fort Lee, at 11 am and end on the streets of Pearl River, NY at 7:45 pm. In between the main event occurred at Bear Mountain Park in NY and on a road through the woods at Tiorati Lake afterwards. The skies went through many iterations during the timeline and there is but one abstract photo of the main event in the sky, that 90% solar eclipse that we experienced, totality a mere few hours away. 


The event planners seen in a few photos at the table with the eclipse displays, didn't expect such a good turnout, but a representative variety of people came all the way from hipster Brooklyn, Manhattan, the suburbs and the country surrounds in NY and NJ. They are well represented in this photo essay.


Enjoy and relish your own memories and please feel free to leave any comments below!

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