In the 20th anniversary issue of Jazziz Magazine, the editors said, "If we were to identify a JAZZIZ visual historian, her name would no doubt be Enid Farber. For longer than a decade, her photography has taken readers on an odyssey, to experience the most adventurous music & to meet the most interesting personalities, from both the new and traditional worlds of jazz".

From the Jazziz Magazine (20th Anniversary Issue)

"Heavenly Tito", Tito Puente, Blue Note, NYC 1993
"Heavenly Tito", Tito Puente, Blue Note, NYC 1993










That is the most beautiful photo I have ever seen. I began to cry. Tito looks like he has the joy of a young child that has been touched with wonderment by the hand of God. It is so deep on so many levels. It almost looks like he's telling God, don't worry, I'll be seeing you soon, and if you think that's funny, wait till I tell you what I'm really thinking about. You are truly a gifted artist Enid.


This photo is IMO one of the greatest ever taken of an artist. It should be in the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian's permanent collection. It's like Tito is having a private conversation with Olodumare (God). It must've been a good one since he's smiling/laughing.


Bobby Sanabria (drummer, percussionist, composer, arranger, recording artist, producer, filmmaker, conductor, educator, activist, multi-cultural warrior, and multiple Grammy nominee)

Father's of Jazz Photography, Bill Gottlieb, Lee Tanner, Chuck Stewart, David Redfren, William Claxton
Father's of Jazz Photography, Bill Gottlieb, Lee Tanner, Chuck Stewart, David Redfren, William Claxton

E.......I knew it was your work. You are my #1 contemporary jazzpixter. I gladly endorse you....ENID FARBER is at the top of the current batch of jazz photographers!!


Lee Tanner (Legendary Jazz Photographer)

Please believe me, your photos are wonderful and worth saving - so 
timely, so beautiful, and you seem to catch people "at just the right 
second". And you know how hard that is for many photographers.


Cobi Narita (Legend of Jazz advocacy, founder of Women in Jazz)

Terri & Thomas Chapin, Knitting Factory 1997
Terri & Thomas Chapin, Knitting Factory 1997

Hi Everyone, Don't have to tell you how big and important Enid Farber, our First Photographer Lady of the NYC Music Scene, has meant to everyone over the years. Her documentation is priceless, inestimable and historical. Show her your/our love and please attend her outstanding noteworthy evening of recognition. ENID -- CONGRATULATIONS AND HUGE THANKS!!!!! 


Terri Chapin (Wife of the late Thomas Chapin-Saxophonist)

Well, the opportunity for coverage in Jazziz is within your grasp in the person of Enid Farber, one of the most highly regarded photographers working the jazz scene the past quarter of a century.


Royal W. Stokes (author/journalist, in a letter to the Umbria Jazz Festival)

               Eli Yamin,  Jazz Drama Program Honors Dorthaan Kirk, Dimenna Center, NYC 10-7-14


Hi Enid, 

The photos are brilliant: You captured so much light and breath in your photos. What joy and rapture. Makes me want to redo my whole website. 

Thank-you thank-you thank-you!!!


Eli Yamin  (Founder and Artistic Director of the Jazz Drama Program)

Lenore Raphael, CD Cover Shoot 2006
Lenore Raphael, CD Cover Shoot 2006

Enid, Thanks so much. It was a pleasure working with you today. I really liked your relaxed attitude and you made me feel very comfortable and that is really important when you are taking photos.


Lenore Raphael (pianist, radio host, educator,artistic director)

"Hi Enid, good to hear your reply!  Here is the scoop, if I ever win a million dollars in the Lottery, I dream and play once in a while, I'll start a publishing company with coffee-table type books by photographers.  The first, for real, photographer I would approach and print a retrospective of her work is you!  No joke. I am a fan, a friend and an admirer (got to be honest, the second book would be about my 30-years of shooting music)."
Music Events & Concert Photographer 

"Your work is beautiful and very unique because you capture something that is not visibile to the eye...more than a mood, it is what the person is thinking at the moment. Very impressive."
Darlene Orlov, President of Orlov Art (artist's dealer and representative)
President Bill Clinton, Club Tatou, NYC 1992
President Bill Clinton, Club Tatou, NYC 1992

Filmmaker Ken Burns acknowledged Farber in his companion book "Jazz" to the PBS documentary as the sole female amongst 14 legendary male photographers, "an extraordinary group of the finest jazz art photographers in the country".


Whoppi Goldberg, Leo Corbie, Wendy Oxenhorn, Quincy Jones, Bill Cosby Great Night in Harlem, Apollo Theater 2003
Whoppi Goldberg, Leo Corbie, Wendy Oxenhorn, Quincy Jones, Bill Cosby Great Night in Harlem, Apollo Theater 2003

To Whom It May Concern,


It is with deep appreciation and respect that I write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Enid Farber as there are very few people who deserve the recognition for hard work and talent that Ms. Farber exhibits. I have had the great privilege of knowing Ms. Farber for many years through her work with The Jazz Foundation of America.


Ms. Farber has been a part of countless fundraisers for The Jazz Foundation over the past seven years; tirelessly chronicling each event with an eye filled with love and artistry far beyond our expectations. The Jazz Foundation of America is an organization that assists elderly jazz and blues musicians throughout the country; helping them avoid eviction, find employment, secure medical treatment in addition to addressing the myriad of individual issues afflicting older artists.


For each event, Ms. Farber has volunteered to take photographs of the live concerts and portraits of the musicians. These events are filled with a fervor and intensity that is palpable and Ms. Farber has the talent to capture these emotions in her photographs. With grace and respect she silently determines a perspective that ennobles our legends of song and each photographs is a testament to their artistry and hers.


Ms. Farber is a true artist and the pursuit of her art is a passion that transcends description. It is clear that she has a deep love and commitment toward her work and, as evidenced by the multitude of publications her work has been shown in and the photograph exhibitions she has had, Ms. Farber has and will continue to carve a place in photography history that is all her own.


Ms. Farber has consistently shown a strong work ethic with The Jazz Foundation of America. This organization is devoted to helping jazz musicians in need and our resources are dependent on donations. As a result we depend on volunteers so that the bulk of our funding can go directly toward the musicians. Ms. Farber has offered herself in an open and willing way to do whatever it takes to produce work that is not only moving and beautiful but also to insure that it serves the purpose of the foundation.


Ms. Farber has a very impressive history of serving the jazz community through her outstanding work. Without reservation I support Ms. Farber and have only the highest regard for her as an artist and as a warm, dedicated, talented and hard working individual.


Yours in service,

Wendy Oxenhorn,

Executive Director

Jazz Foundation of America

Enid....you are truly one of our music's and our culture's most important archivists, and it was an honor for our festival to host you at this year's Syracuse Jazz Fest. You're a true Artist of the first magnitude, a devoted, dedicated and wonderful human being, a first tier professional and you have an eye like no other. Your photographs not only capture the spirit of our festival, but also the essence of the legendary musical giants who appear on our stages. Please know that you will always have a seat at the Jazz Fest table. We're deeply honored you selected our festival this year. Thank you. 
Frank Malfitano (Executive Director and Founder of Syracuse Jazz Festival)


"You both represent the backbone of jazz-communication and promotion and the visual presence of it's essence. You do it with style, passion, love and professional grace." 
Linda Yohn, WEMU FM's legendary radio host and award winning "Jazz Programmer of the Year". 

---Enid Farber and Dorthaan Kirk, Jews, Jazz and African-Americans Exhibit at Congregation Ahavas Sholom

Enid Farber, Dorthaan Kirk